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Björn writes screenplays as well as short stories. He enjoys adding visual storytelling and humor to informative corporate films.

Björn has directed:

Unanimous Decision (2006)

starring Lia Boysen and Noomi Rapace

The Meaning of Hugo (2012)

a feature-length comedy broadcast on SVT

Tangent Room (2017)

a feature-length sci-fi film

- and more.

As an award-winning film editor, Björn has edited over 20 short films with directors from all over Europe. He has also shot and edited hours of TV such as food&wine programs.

Björn's specialty is low-budget film production, squeezing the maximum quality out of limited resources.

”I really enjoyed this”

      - client in the Netherlands

” Super duper..:-)”

      - elearning producer

”Really great actors”

      - training exec

”Björn!!! Fantastic! Such great films!”

           - project manager


Contact:  Björn Engström


                tel: +46705488797